Robeson County Department of Social Services is committed to providing stability for all youth in foster care.  Foster parenting involves providing a nurturing and supportive home to a child or sibling group on a temporary basis until the child or sibling group can be reunified with their prior custodian, placed with relative, or as a last option, placed for adoption.

Currently, there are over 250 children in Robeson County’s foster care system.  Of those 250, approximately 50 children have a permanent plan of Adoption.  In Robeson County, over 50 % of our foster care youth are adopted by their foster parents.

The decision to become a foster parent or adoptive parent is one that may take time and consideration before you commit to the process.  Families interested in becoming a foster parent or an adoptive parent should contact a local department of social services in their county to learn more about each agency’s process.

Please look over our site to find out more about Fostering and Adopting.


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Learning Site for Fostering and Adopting

Watch  Orientation Video

Foster Home Requirements

Understanding Foster Care Booklet


If you are interesting in finding out more about Fostering a child please contact

Amber Gonzales, Licensing Social Worker

(910) 608-2126

Sabrina Jacobs, Licensing Social Worker

(910) 608-2131

Samantha Locklear, Licensing Social Worker

(910) 671-3785

Anthony Maynor-Licensing Supervisor

(910) 671-3775